About the dialogue

Why are we using this platform?

This is an ideas and discussion platform for Hamilton City Council and is a space to gather your ideas and feedback on a number of issues and questions posted as “challenges”. 

Challenges and your ideas will be seen by other members of the public, council staff and Elected Members. Any ideas submitted via Your Ideas will become the property of Hamilton City Council.

What we hope to get from it?

Submitting ideas will help us look at how the future of HCC could be shaped and what services could be delivered before big decisions are made.

By posting ideas and giving feedback you can indicate if an idea could be change or improved.  Do you think an idea is really good? Then vote on it. That way the best ideas make it to the top.

Then vote for the idea you like and support; this would demonstrate its popularity and the best ideas make it to the top.

Who is behind it?

This site is being monitored and moderated by Hamilton City Council staff and all ideas will be passed on to the teams who are responsible for the various challenges set. 

It’s important to remember:

When submitting your ideas, it is useful to remember that the Council simply cannot do everything, but we are committed to considering all ideas.

For help on how to use this site click here.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us.